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Skip the guesswork, trial-and-error and never-ending shit show of trying to figure everything out yourself – for the very first time. And instead, grow your business with proven client-getting-funnels, frameworks and scientific customer acquisition, proven Google Ads and A Proven System Currently Generating Millions in Sales Accross 45 Industries (not hopes and prayers).
There are a lot of so-called “agencies” and “gurus” roaming around the wild wild west that is the web, today.
Most of these people are all bark, no bite. All waffle, no syrup. ‘Cause marketers lie, but numbers don’t. And we’ve generated R133 Million In Sales for Our Clients'
Look its simple, we are not interested in building a friend base and making you popular on Facebook. We are a RESULTS DRIVEN AGENCY - Which in simple terms means we are held accountable and produce Buying, Recuring Customers that know, like, and trust your business...
N O M O R E ‘ H O P I N G - A N D - P R AY I N G ’ THEPOWERIS IN THEPLATFORM Most entrepreneurs try growing their business through trial and error, by ‘hoping-and-praying’…. by stumbling and trying to figure it all out by themselves – for the very first time. We call this “guesswork”.
It’s unreliable, extremely-stressful and often results in failure (or a psychiatrist).
We’ve spent over R5 million last year on traffic perfecting what works… in other words, this isn’t our first rodeo. And our hope is to shrink the amount of time it takes, for you to go from firsttime solo business operator… To fire-breathing, market-terrorising entrepreneur…

chrissi@ironhorsemedia.net or 012 880 3338



Totally Unique And "Backwards" Way To Double Or Even Triple The Number Of Leads And Sales Your Website Generates, Guaranteed! Without spending a single cent more on Google Ads, Facebook ads, SEO or content marketing.
If you would like to know a FAST, simple and guaranteed new way to truly explode the number of leads and sales your website generates…
Without spending a single cent more on traffic…
Then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.
Here’s why…
Did you know that the cost per click on Google and Facebook has increased by an average of 468% in the last 4 years! And it’s only going to get worse. A lot worse.
But it’s not all doom and gloom… Because this page holds the key to exactly what to do in 2022…
So that these changes not only won’t affect you. But you’ll actually welcome the increased cost of traffic!
So lock the doors, turn your phone off…
And read every single word on this page. Got it? good..
Alright…so why on earth would you actually welcome an increase in the cost of traffic?
Well, firstly… contrary to what the gurus are screaming, competition online is good. It thins the herd.
Because most businesses advertising on Google and Facebook use what we call ‘dumb money’ to run ads.
Meaning, they simply throw shit at the wall and see what sticks. And when costs go up, less shit sticks for them.
So they stop running ads and journey across the planes in search of greener pastures.
And often, they throw the baby out with the bathwater. On their never ending quest for “cheaper traffic”. Those illusive R0.35 cent clicks. Like we’re in 2006.
Rookies. Total amateurs.
Firstly, that “cheaper traffic” isn’t the answer. You can’t ‘hope’ and ‘pray’ that things get easier (cheaper), you simply need to get better!
And after working in so many different markets. With so many different businesses… and spending over R5 million on traffic a year,
We developed a new and unique “selling system” for converting the most expensive traffic on the planet into profit. So no matter how expensive the traffic… No matter how fiercely competitive the industry…
Your campaigns will still be profitable.
We’ve worked with small businesses, all the way up to multi-million rand brands to apply this “selling system”…
The Results were undeniable.





make money while you sleep with iron horse
make money while you sleep with iron horse digital marketing


Our Biggest





What you’re about to discover will change the way you advertise on Google forever…

Brand New Almost “Magic” Way To Unlock Wild Scale And Hidden Pockets Of Profit From Any Google Ads Account, Guaranteed!

Dear Business Builder,
If you would like to know a FAST, simple and guaranteed way to truly explode your sales with Google Ads beyond all belief!…
Then this will be the most exciting message you’ll ever read.
Here’s why:
Over the last 12 months, our team has spent over R5 million on Google Ads…
And we’ve done this in over 45 different industries and niches…
All with ads. (very good ads).
Because look, when you spend that kinda money on ads – across so many different industries – you learn a lot.
About exactly what works, and what doesn’t.
Not theoretically what works, from some YouTube tutorials and courses.
Or from some guru with a bunch of “theories” pretending to be an “expert”.
I’m talkin’ about NO-BS, battle-tested strategies from the frontlines of turning advertising into profit. From a team who knows what it means to have to make campaigns profitable – because they’ve got a payroll to meet.
And listen, if you’ve been running ads for any length of time, this probably sounds familiar… Every Time You Increase Your Budget CPLs and CPAs Skyrocket ROAS drops through the floor…
Your once winning campaigns simply shit the bed.
And your bank account is left screaming for mercy.
While you’re left yelling at the sky… “How is this possible?!” Because your agency told you to “scale” your spend?
But now you’re second-guessing them…
So you hired a new business coach.
You found em’ on GumTree, right next to the iguanas and used fitness equipment.
They’re totally legit.
And even they can’t seem to make sense of all this. So they tell you to invest in a new logo and start building a “personal brand”.
All this makes you wanna tear your hair out and throw your Laptop out the window. So, you pull back on ad spend, because your ROI is non-existent and your credit card is having a heart attack. This all means that….
You Can’t Hit Your Growth Goals, So You “Normalize” This Level Of Sales Growth Instead of where you actually wanna be. You put it in the “too-hard basket”. It’s a vicious and deadly cycle, that leads you down the road of building a mediocre company.
Well, I’ve got some good news for you…
I’m going to reveal, the fastest, simplest, and most certain way, for you to get as many customers as possible using Google ads. And FINALLY hit or even exceed your wildest growth goals.
The first thing the Pro's and Guru's do is…
Select a bunch of search terms – and then cram em’ all into one ad group.
“Financial planners Durban” – I’ll add that
“Financial advisors Durban” – yep, I’ll throw that one in also…
“Financial advice Durban” – yea, why not? Let’s chuck that in there too!
This might seem innocent – but hear me when I say this….
This is the quickest and most certain way to murder your money!
Terrible idea… 1 star. Total crap. Would not recommend.
So, what exactly should you be doing….what is this “BIG Idea”?
Fear not, you greedy, little truth-seeker…
Here it is… and It’s what we call a S.K.A.G.
(Single Keyword Ad Groups)
And It’s where you put just one single keyword (search term) in an ad group.
Then, write one super-targeted ad for that specific keyword.
It’s a lotta work…but these little puppies drive Google wild!
And get ’em hotter than a honeymoon hotel room.
Well, they do exactly what it is that Google is optimizing for…
They provide its users (your prospects) with THE best experience possible.
They’re laser-targeted and they convert better.
A lot better.
Giving you a higher quality score on your ads.
Google then (reluctantly) hands over…
Cheaper clicks… better ad placement… and “high intent” traffic.
Which = more pesos in your bank account.
More sunshine, rainbows, baby giggles and fun coupons.
But there’s a problem. A big one…
Hear me when I say this…
A lot of agencies are “okay” at what they do. Some are even “good”… But a select few are…elite.
So that’s exactly what kinda work they do… “okay”.
Their campaign structure is okay, their keyword selection is okay…their bid type is okay…
And their ad copy is, you guessed it…Okay.
But here’s the thing….
“Okay” just doesn’t cut it any more. It used to. When clicks were R0.20 a piece.
But now, it’s just too competitive online.
You need to be a stone-cold killer to make your campaigns profitable.

chrissi@ironhorsemedia.net or 012 880 3338

get daily referals and leads with iron horse
Growth of Marketing Mediums

Digital on Steroids

Ever wonder what else there is out there to bring in the Money like the Corporates do?




Social Media


Sales Funnel

Breaking News: Wild Details Emerge About...

Brand New Guaranteed Way To Double or Triple The Number Of Leads And Sales Your Landing Pages Generate

Dear Business Builder,
Lemme guess, you’re looking for new ways to get more customers? And you’re thinking “If only I could get more traffic to my website”.
More eyeballs on my offers.
Ok look, imma shoot you straight….
Most people don’t have a traffic problem.
They have a conversion problem.
You see, there is no shortage of traffic online..
Walk with me…
There’s literally more traffic online than you could possibly handle.
Enough to melt your web servers and send your developers into a catatonic state of shock.
So what’s the problem?
Why are so many businesses struggling to get enough leads and sales?
Well, buckle up bizzsnaps because I’m about to blow your umbilicus clean off.
Here we go!
The real issue isn’t getting traffic.
Because, just like you go to the supermarket to buy groceries…
You can also go to the ‘traffic supermarket’ i.e. Google and Facebook. And buy as much traffic as you want!
So the issue isn’t traffic.
The REAL issue is….getting that traffic to convert at a rate that’s profitable.
In other words…
Being able to ring the cash register in high enough volumes, and with fat enough margins to make a profit on that traffic.
Comprende? Good.
Let’s move on.
You see…
They blame Google and Facebook for the ever rising cost per click.
They blame ‘em that every time they launch a campaign it burns a hole in their bank account. But look, it ain’t Zucks or the big G that sets the price…
It’s your competition. Your market.
So instead of complaining about what you can’t control – you gotta focus on what you can.
And the thing you can control is…
The rate at which you CONVERT that traffic into leads, customers and clients.
Alright. Don’t worry, It’s okay.
There’s a solution to all this madness.
Here it is: there is no solution.
Calm down, jeez! I’m just kiddin’.
Relax. I’mma tell you.
The answer is actually far simpler, and far less costly than one would expect.
I mean it doesn’t involve paying some traffic genius R10,000s to unlock some ‘hidden’ and secret setting inside your ad accounts.
It doesn’t involve some ‘loophole’ or ‘hack’.
It doesn’t involve hiring a hitman named Vladimir to take out your competition.
Heck, it doesn’t even involve getting “cheaper clicks”.
“Okay cut the bullshit. And tell me how to goddamn end this nightmare!”
*clears throat*
Well what you need is…
A Sexy Well-Dressed Super-Powered Salesperson That Works 24-Hours Per Day, 7-Days Per Week...
And never calls in sick or takes holidays…
Or never goes to work for a competitor.
This person goes by….
Yep, a good ol’ high-converting landing page is like a sexy well-dressed super-powered salesperson.
And, if you set it up right the first time around, it will work for you day and night to bring in emails, leads and even sales.

No Limit

Unlimited maximum converting Leads

Working 24 /7

Generating Leads and Sales while you sleep

Most Business Owners approach growing their business with digital marketing like…
(Don't Do This)

Walking Across A Live Minefield Stark Naked And Blindfolded!

So how are we different from these armchair “experts” and theory peddlers who talk a good game but rarely deliver? Well, firstly, we’re the only agency confident (or crazy) enough to actually guarantee results or we don’t get paid.
Secondly, we’re not some hack job company that was started yesterday… Nope, we’ve been in the game since 2013, which is like a five-thousand years online….
But more importantly, a bunch of our clients have also been ranked as the fastest-growing companies in their respective industries. Look, our strategies are proven….
We’ve got this stuff down to a science. A mathematical equation.
We’re willing and able to guarantee results because of our unique approach and ‘selling system’. You see, most digital agencies are good at the “technical stuff”, but know nothing whatsoever about selling, especially in today’s new digital economy.
Everything we do at Iron Horse Media has one goal, to SELL!
Heck, we don’t get paid if we don’t.
(Can you hear that? That’s the sound of my accountant screaming in the wind!)
But come closer, listen…
We’ve engineered a new and unique “system” to sell almost anything, to any one, at any price point.
It’s a combination of “mind hijacking” persuasion techniques, world-class media buying and something we call the “attention-flywheel”.
The total combination makes for an unusually effective marketing system, that truly makes it possible for almost any business to sell like crazy!
But listen, lemme level with you for a moment…
Achieving predictable and consistent results online is never a result of guesswork
It’s not about this…It’s about having a predictable and reliable “system” for selling.
And our “selling system” includes a war chest of proven strategies and tactics that most digital agencies don’t know even exist.
For example…
We know how to make a simple tweak to almost any landing page that will increase conversions by up to 400%! (Think about that. How would you like to increase your leads by 4X whilst reducing what you pay per lead by 375%!?)
We’ve discovered how to write Google and Facebook ads that use psychological triggers that “hijack” your prospect’s attention, practically forcing them to click and take action! (Not one digital agency or “expert” in a hundred even have a clue how to do this!)
We’ve discovered the secret “scroll stopping” strategy for Facebook Ads that siphons off more traffic for LESS money (Even the world’s most experienced Facebook marketers don’t fully understand how to do this)
We can tell you the biggest mistake made by businesses using Google Ads! (This mistake costs business owners and marketers a small fortune in lost profits and market share)
We know how to uncover large new “starving crowds” of prospects in ANY market – who spend like sailors on leave (even when the economy is hurting and you’re far more expensive than the competition)
But that isn’t all, we have a few other Ace's up our sleeves
We’ve used this strategy in hundreds of the most hyper-competitive markets to outsell and dominate the most ferocious competitors.
We’ve discovered (from spending R5 million on ads) what you need to do to the ‘appearance’ of your ads on both Google and Facebook to skyrocket conversions (It’s the opposite to what most people have been told and could DRAMATICALLY increase your sales!)
We’ve developed a proven and predictable way to get highly-qualified prospects coming to you… ONLY when they’re ready, willing and able to BUY!
Forget the usual “digital marketing stuff” that leaves you or your sales team speaking with looky-loos and price shoppers)
We know a way to dramatically increase the quantity of ‘eager-to-buy’ leads that your ads generate… often while spending the same amount, if not less, on traffic! (not one in a hundred agencies even have a clue this is possible)
We know one small tweak you can make to your Google Ads which often increases the Click-Through-Rates by 650%! (This drives Google’s algorithm wild and they give you the very best traffic as a reward!)
We know how to make a small ‘bidding adjustment’ change to increase your Google and Facebook Ads profits by 50%…even if…you don’t change a word of copy on your ads or landing pages!
We know how to… you get the idea, don’t you? The point is, because of our deep experience in working in over 45 different industries and niches, and generating our clients over R133 Million in sales…
We truly believe that we can get the results that you want

chrissi@ironhorsemedia.net or 012 880 3338

We work with your Budget, whatever that may be

We do NOT tie you into a long term contract. If you are not happy with our results then fire us

Results are always readily available for you to see, We are always Transparent

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A good digital marketing agency will get to know your business inside out. They will assess the traffic that your website is getting and establish the best online marketing platforms to invest in. Part of a digital marketing agency’s strategy should involve continual evaluation to ensure a client is maintaining the perfect balance between their marketing spend and the results they’re getting. We do all of that but, unlike other agencies, the Iron Horse team isn’t just focused on maintaining that perfect balance. Our goal is to crush your competitors, turn website visitors into buyers and bring you the biggest ROI possible using the most effective marketing strategies available.
Because we put our money where our mouth is and we make BIG guarantees that other marketing agencies don’t. If we do not deliver as promised you do not need to pay the next month it will be FREE.
Are you serious about scaling your operations and dominating your market space? We can work with you. Do you want to plug into a team of marketers, digital strategists, designers, and developers who will help you to smash your growth goals and make the kind of ROI that will leave you shouting from the rooftops? We can work with you. Do you understand the value of spending R1 to make R5? We can work with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small company. Our clients range from small, local businesses with 5 or less employees to large multinational companies with a workforce of hundreds of people operating from all corners of the globe.
This is like asking “how long is a piece of string” as there is no right answer. The answer depends on YOUR BUSINESS. We treat every business differently because no two businesses – even if they operate in the same industry – are the same. Let’s apply that logic to your business and that of your biggest competitor. Yes, you’re targeting the same audience and you offer a similar product or service but that’s it. Their website is developed differently to yours. It could be older/younger than your site. They might have more/less backlinks and they might have better/worse conversion rates compared to your site. A strategy that involves an intensive link building and content marketing campaign might be all you need whilst your competitor might make more gains investing in Google Ads. The list of differences go on and on. The key takeaway here is we know that one size DOES NOT fit all, which is why we curate custom strategies for each of our clients to fit their exact needs. Our goal is to skyrocket their online presence into the stratosphere and we’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.
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